Why Should I Book with Sirena Adventures

The idea for Sirena Adventures in its initial conception was very simple – to provide an educational, diverse, and safe space for female divers to take advantage of being in a group to explore off-the-beaten-path dive destinations together.

Eventually, this idea would evolve to encompass a broader sense of responsibility for creating dive travel experiences with more meaning and authenticity to them. Truly, what we are seeking is to offer a dive retreat experience. It is for those who, like us, seek peace, reflection, and transformation in their travel experiences. In other words, dive travel for the tasteful, adventurous, and stressed-out 21st century client.

The travel market is saturated with options, many times in a competition with each other for a race to the bottom. We are delighted of the work we have put in to create itineraries that don’t compete with “everybody else.” We are not interested in taking you to the local bar for heavy drinking after our dives, nor seeing you pound out unlimited shore dives to feel like you are maximizing your vacation investment. We want you to come home feeling rejuvenated, replenished, reconnected, and profoundly impacted by the people and places you get to share with us.

We present programming and experiences that take you where few operators go, to areas few people get to see, and allow you to participate more closely with local culture than anyone else. We are proud that we keep our groups small, have extensive knowledge of the areas we go to, and intimacy and exclusivity of the excursion choices. We also have no hidden costs or fees associated with our trips and are almost entirely all-inclusive. We don’t want to see you take your wallet out while you are traveling with us – only your smile.

Please visit http://www.sirenaadventures.com for more.

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