Frequenty Asked Questions

⊱ What kind of people go on Sirena Adventures trips? Our trips are designed for anyone with an active lifestyle that enjoys dynamic and exciting programming. Our clients usually have the personality to handle unexpected changes and challenges that inevitably pop up while on the road, as our itineraries many times take us to remote areas with limited access to electronic communication and/or medical facilities. If you are dependent on constant contact with home and/or have an outstanding condition that necessitates your being close to a medical facility, please consider our trips with extra care. ⊱ What if I, or someone I would like to bring with me, is not SCUBA certified? Please inquire with us directly as each itinerary is uniquely tailored and original. Some of our itineraries better accommodate non-divers than others. Unfortunately, we cannot take participants who are NOT scuba certified to actually partake in dives – unless they are enrolled in a Discover Scuba experience. ⊱ I have dietary restrictions (gluten-free/vegan/vegetarian/etc.) – will this be an issue during the trip? We will always try to meet your dietary needs as long as we are aware of them beforehand! That being said, as you leave the comforts and conveniences of home, do keep in mind that not all of our destinations will have access to the ingredients you may be familiar with at home. We will do the best we can within the contextual setting we are in to ensure you are having a meal which stays healthful and diverse. ⊱ What should I consider packing/taking with me? Each destination will have its own unique packing list which is provided via e-mail after registration to participants. We always suggest traveling as lightly as possible and ensuring that any items you would be afraid to lose are left at home. ⊱ Does Sirena Adventures offer travel insurance? Sirena Advenures requires proof of travel insurance for your protection. You are the reason we are in operation therefore we want to do everything possible to make your trip as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstance that may arise before departing for your trip or while during your travels, we recommend purchasing travel insurance through any one of the below or your own third-party provider.

DAN Travel Insurance
World Nomads Travel Insurance
Trip Assure ⊱ Should I be concerned about vaccinations or other medical precautions prior to traveling? If you have specific questions regarding a destination, feel free to contact us regarding health warnings or important information to know. Most of our destinations will have little to no medical/health advisories in place and are safe to travel to without prior protection needed. ⊱ Where can I find country-specific information on medical advisories? ● For US Citizens, click here. ● For European Citizens, click here. ⊱ Where can I find country-specific VISA requirements and fees? You will need to check with the embassy where your passport was issued to find latest visa requirements for the specific country you are registering to travel to. We are happy to assist with answering questions, but cannot apply for visas on your behalf.

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